Toys and Songs


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Remember this toy?


We’re going back to the mid-70’s and later. This toy hit the market like a tsunami.  Lots of fun.

Unless your neighbor’s kids had them, and loved to race down the slight hill, blocking the sidewalk and screaming bloody murder at 6 a.m. and keeping it up All. The. Livelong. Day.

Remember this song?

Cute, right?  Until you’ve heard it a million times as your kids go beeping through the house on a rainy day.  Ranks right up there with 100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall.  After a while you really want to disable the bus.

Well, things are quieter now.  We don’t have sidewalks in our neighborhood, and not many little kids.  The biggest noise problem we have now is whoever it is who’s been setting off fireworks just about every night since Memorial Day.   Because the house is usually closed up while the air conditioning is running,  the booms and bangs aren’t all that much of a problem once you know what they are. Amazing what you can learn to sleep through.

And that’s all, folks.  I have a very long day ahead, nine clients if they all show up.  By 9 p.m. I’ll have all I can do to  get into my car and let the wheels take me home.



5 thoughts on “Toys and Songs

  1. Ahhh yes…I remember them well! My brother had the big wheel and would race around the side walk with his best friend… an adorable little girl named Sherice. And my kids sang The Wheels on the Bus…ugh! Horrendous song! Haha!
    Hope your night goes smoothly despite the hecticness!

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  2. Yes, how I remember them all! My son had a Big Wheel, 40-some years ago. And when I spent a summer as a school psychologist and accompanied the children to zoos and on other field trips, we’d sing the Wheels on the Bus song. But I have to say, when I was in Girl Scout Camp we sang, 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Singing “Pop” would feel funny 🙃 !

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    1. Our teachers wouldn’t let us use “beer.” It was a long time ago when I was one of the kids on a field trip. Standards have definitely changed. Also, this was in the midwest and in Oregon, where it’s “pop” and not “soda” like people here in PA say.


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