In Our Own Backyard


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Most of us are surprised and shocked when something scary goes down right in our own neighborhood.  In spite of all the violence that surrounds us these days, it usually happens elsewhere.  Over the weekend, the violence was local:


Police Shooting Suspects Believed on the Loose Near Wedgewood Golf Course in U. Saucon

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UPDATE: Shortly after 1:30 p.m. Upper Saucon Township Police issued a statement on their Facebook page advising residents of the area that the suspects in the earlier police shooting have barricaded themselves in a home off Limeport Pike at Pollit Lane. “We are dealing with a police incident in the 5000 block of Limeport Pike where a male and female armed with a handgun fired at police just before 12 p.m.,” police said. “The male is armed with a .357 caliber handgun. … You may see Police in the Curly Horse (and) Afton Village (developments) and the area of West Hopewell Road who are present to secure our perimeter. If you live in the area please stay inside and lock your homes. We will send an update when the incident concludes. Limeport Pike will remain closed between Chestnut Hill Road and Saucon Valley Road until further notice. Thank you.”

A major police incident involving a manhunt by law enforcement and public safety authorities unfolded in Upper Saucon Township not far from Wedgewood Golf Course and Hopewell Elementary School in Center Valley Saturday afternoon.

According to the Facebook page for the website Newsworking, area roads were shut down after two people reportedly shot at police and fled following a traffic stop.

Channel 69 News reported that Limeport Pike was closed between Chestnut Hill and W. Saucon Valley roads, with the intersection of Chestnut Hill and Wagner roads also closed.

A SWAT team was dispatched to a home near the golf course on Limeport Pike and a state police helicopter was reportedly hovering overhead in the area.

The Lower Saucon Township Police K-9 unit was also reportedly dispatched to the area.

Motorists should avoid the area for the time being and residents of the area should use caution.



It’s over now.  It ended with the shooters killing themselves.  I suppose things are getting back to normal now, but I doubt that anything will stay the same as before this incident.



2 thoughts on “In Our Own Backyard

    1. They apparently decided to shoot at some police–not sure if they were in a police car or on foot. They both have fairly lengthy rap sheets. I don’t know–maybe they were on drugs or something–or maybe they just decided to get on board with the police-hatred fostered by our previous President.


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