Fear is Grey


The two young girls lying bound in the trunk could hear nothing, see nothing, to help them escape. They were cold and  terrified.

It was supposed to have been fun, going to a party with the two cool older guys who had picked them up. “Come with us, come on!” They never saw the third man behind them holding the syringe.  A prick, then nothing.

They should have listened. They should have stayed with a crowd of friends. Should never have gone with guys they didn’t know.

Too late for remorse. Too late.


50 thoughts on “Fear is Grey

  1. Oh, how scary for the girls! Sends shivers down my spine, and a remembrance of a few safety lectures I got before leaving the States as a teen. So scary. Great Write!

    1. Rochelle, this one really wrote itself. I was talking with a woman in my office yesterday who leads an effort in our area to rescue women from traffickers. Horrifying stuff.

  2. Adam Ickes

    I most frightening part about this is that it could so easily be a true story. Perhaps they’ll find a way out in the end.

  3. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    Heartbreaking because it does happen, and can happen anywhere. Kudos to you for tackling this topic.

  4. A frightening tale. It seems the rainy picture has brought out the “grim” this week! I thought the repetition of “too late” in the final sentence worked really well.

    1. Yes, we’ve had a lot of sad tales this week, just as we did last week with the dark and stormy night 🙂 It’s always nice when someone takes a different direction.

  5. You brought the first frightful horrors of trafficking very well, and i may, very scarily too. We, in India, too are beset with this problem and massive efforts are on to step this despicable practice. Very well crafted story, Linda.

    1. Thank you, Neel. I believe it is a world-wide evil. We in America would like to fool ourselves into believing it hasn’t infected us, but that’s just plain ignorance.

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