Give Me Pearls!


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The original meaning was to bring side by side,  as in improving one thing to match the perfection of another.

Para, then, is to compare or bring alongside. Thus the professions that are helpful to the main figure, such as a paralegal or paramedical professional.

It’s amazing how many words start with para.  Here are just a few:

  • paramilitary.
  • paradigmatic.
  • parasitology.
  • paramagnetic.
  • parameterize.
  • paraesthesia.
  • parasiticide.
  • paralanguage.

My computer put a squiggly red line under paralanguage. I guess my computer is too old to recognize this fairly new term.  It means the nonlexical component of communication by speech, for example intonation, pitch and speed of speaking, hesitation noises, gesture, and facial expression.

paragon is the finest example of anything; it can be a person of utmost moral character; a beautiful woman, a remarkable piece of writing or art.

Something I learned this morning is that it is also the word used to describe the most perfect of pearls. I love pearls. There’s just something about them that speaks to me, and I have more pearl jewelry than any other kind.

Image result for paragon pearls

Maybe someday Terry will find me a paragon of a pearl 🙂

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