Speak Up!


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This word has a whole new meaning for me these days.  I’ve had exceptionally good hearing for years, with the only downside being that I have always had a little trouble sorting out conversation when there is a lot of background noise.

These days, however, it’s more than just background noise that makes it hard for me to hear.  I had my hearing tested a couple of years ago, and I’m well within the normal range.  That surprised me, because I KNOW I’m not hearing things I used to be able to hear.


It’s especially troublesome at work when I have a very soft-spoken client and the window air conditioner is running.

At home, I’ve just given up. Terry has become quite hard of hearing, and often people who are hard of hearing tend to raise their voices.  Not Terry. He mutters and mumbles and  sometimes even when I’m looking directly at him I can’t hear what he’s saying.  Also, if I’ve said it once. . . . .”If you can’t see me, then I can’t hear you!”

I wish we could turn up the volume. I wish we didn’t tend to lose our hearing as we age. I wish a lot of things.  Life is what it is, though, and you just have to learn to accommodate the changes.

I’m glad there’s a volume control on the TV 🙂



14 thoughts on “Speak Up!

  1. I started losing my hearing twenty years ago and by now have hearing aids in both ears. I’ve explained to DH a zillion times that when I don’t have my aids in I can’t hear him when he speaks in a normal voice. He doesn’t seem to hear me, though. 😉

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  2. Eric is on his 3rd set of hearing aids, so we have dealt with this for many years. My hearing is now somewhat compromised so life is pretty fun around here! One suggestion for the TV that has helped a lot is the closed captioning feature. It’s a little annoying at first but we have adjusted and really appreciate it.

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