Lookin’ Good!


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Well, here’s another old-fashioned word that I don’t hear much any more. To be told you look natty is to be told you look sharp, debonair, well-dressed.

There is some speculation that it’s a variant of neat, but I couldn’t find any absolute confirmation of that.

So go  fix your hair and put on your nattiest outfit and go out there and wow the world 🙂

Image result for a natty outfit


3 thoughts on “Lookin’ Good!

  1. Jaunty and natty! I had thought it’s applied to men rather than women. Here’s what I found, so it must be unisex:
    Synonyms for natty
    Chic, clean, chichi, dainty, classy, dashing, dressed to kill, dressed to the nines, elegant, fashionable, neat, prim
    –From Dictionary.com

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