For Women Only

Disclaimer:  It has occurred to me that some of my readers who do not recognize blatant sarcasm may be confused, discombobulated, or wonder if I’ve lost my mind. So I’ll tell you ahead of time:  What you are about to read is, indeed, blatant sarcasm.  There. I feel better now.


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Huh.  I think this word should be banned.  It’s politically incorrect. It’s first definition is sounding like a brass musical instrument:  harsh, loud. 

Now, isn’t that hurtful?  I mean, how would you like to be called harsh or loud just because of what you’re made of, and the sound you emit?  We need to find a kinder, gentler word to describe all these lovely brass instruments, and there are SO many! Really, it’s no wonder they’re –uh–brassy 🙂

Even worse, the next definition is applied mostly to women!  I’m already offended, and I didn’t even finish reading it yet.

Isn’t that sexist?  Where are the Thought Police on this stuff?  How DARE anyone reserve a generic definition just for women?

Image result for Brassy woman

Then I read the rest, and now I am truly horrified.  We need to start a movement or have a protest, organize a parade, contact our Congresspeople!  So what’s the definition?

Distastefully showy or loud in appearance or manner! 

And that applies mostly to women!  How dare they!  But it gets even worse.  Here’s a list of synonyms:

brazen, forward, bold, self-assertive, pushy, cocksure, cocky, cheeky, brash;

I need a comfort dog.  I need a counselor.  I need a box of color crayons  and a coloring book, and I need a safe room where I can cry.  Really, what a horrible list of words that apply mostly to women!

Anyone with me on this?  Want to start a movement?  Someone should subsidize a study or something. The government should change the dictionary.

Good grief.


7 thoughts on “For Women Only

  1. Oh my dear! I’m afraid your efforts would fail because what passes for a leader of the United States of America (and a MAN) is the brassiest thing I’ve ever seen. Both in demeanor AND personality. And hair. We must not forget that hideous brassy HAIR. HE makes ‘brassy’ now a gender neutral word. One thing he has done in support (if unintentional) of women.

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    1. Yes, I have to admit he’s brassy, but I don’t see him through quite the same lens you do. Although I do wish someone would suggest he let his hair go natural 🙂


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