Surviving the Storm


Abbie fisted her mother’s tangled hair in one hand,  daddy’s shirtsleeve in the other.

“Why did the ‘nado come, Mommy?” she whispered.

“We don’t know, Sweetie.  Sometimes they just do. But we’ll be okay.”

Daddy hugged Mommy and Abbie very close, squeezing so that Abbie could hardly breathe. “We’re going to fix your bears and your dolly,”  Daddy whispered. “We’re going to clean them up and they’ll be just fine.”

Tears dripped down Mommy’s cheeks. Abbie wiped them away, letting go of Daddy’s shirt to hug Mommy’s neck.

“Don’t be scared, Mommy. It’s okay.”


26 thoughts on “Surviving the Storm

  1. jellico84

    A wonderfully sad tale. So true for far too many this year, it seems. Seen far too many ‘nados’ in my life. I could fill volumes and then some with stories tragic to heroic. But, a story like you’ve written… it stands the test of time. True literature. Loved it. ❤

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    1. Wait—but–Americans don’t have accents–just the ones in the South 🙂

      Actually, I grew up in the midwest–Minnesota–and coming to Pennsylvania was a wake up . There is a vast difference in the way they speak out here, and in the years since, I’ve learned that every part of my country has a little different “twang” from everywhere else 🙂


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