We Need a Reprieve


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You know, I think we need a reprieve in this old world.  I searched Google images for something to use here today, but even the jokes were too grim. There has been so much ugliness this week–no, not just this week. Months and years of horrible headlines about killing, bombing, maiming, shooting. I just wanted something light and funny that would give every one of my readers a reprieve from the sadness that has settled over everyone except, perhaps, those who believe that the Manchester bomber was doing God’s work.

I need to  say that I could never love and serve a god who requires the murder of children.

And that’s it for today. It’s enough.


9 thoughts on “We Need a Reprieve

  1. Wonderful write-up. Loving the way that you depict your perspective into words beautifully, showcasing your broad mindset, and setting off readers into deep cogitation of the topic that you are writing. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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  2. “I could never love and serve a god who requires the murder of children.”
    I’m with you on that, but there’s so much been done in the name of Christianity. Detractors can —and do— point to various historical instances, like the Crusades, Christians trafficking in slaves, etc, etc.
    Jesus talked of a seed that grew into a tree so big “the fowls of the air could roost in its branches.” Over the years many hate-filled and greedy men have hidden under the canopy of Christian, Muslim, and other religions, twisting the teachings and adding their own, bringing so much confusion.

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    1. You are, sadly, correct about that. People can wave the banner of Christianity and commit no end of awful acts. Jesus warned us often to be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Just because someone claims to be a true Christian, that doesn’t mean he really is. Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:16-20.


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