Weapons of War


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These rather clumsy constructions could do a great deal of damage.  The bucket was loaded with any number of different projectiles, and could help take down a strong castle wall.
Once, long ago, I read a story in which an enemy prisoner was forced into the bucket, tied hand and foot so that he could not escape. Imagine his terror, and the power of intimidation when the defenders of the keep saw his body hurtling toward them.
We still use the principle of the catapult today in launching fighter planes from massive ships.
So I got to thinking about how we use words, these days, as the ammunition for our verbal catapults. We load up the bucket and then sling words all over the place:  Newspapers, magazines, and especially into cyberspace.
Every day, if I want to waste a lot of time, I could read hundreds of posts about how horrible Trump is, or how evil Hillary is. I never look at them, because I’m just plain fed up with all the ranting and raving. And please don’t read the comments.  I did for a while, until I just couldn’t stomach it any more.  Have we really devolved so far  into ignorance that we can’t think of any word but the F-bomb?
It just never stops, and the computer world has given everyone a place to vent. Journalists are among the worst offenders, putting out lies, guesses, and suppositions in place of truth.  Shame on them for sullying what used to be a respected part of our society.  The mainstream is nothing more than a vehicle to shut down anyone who disagrees with their own agenda.
We’ve become a nation whose fighting among ourselves is making us a ripe plum, just about ready to fall off the tree and into the hands of our enemies.  We use catapults of hateful, ugly lies to try to press the point. It’s a shame. We need to be, once again, the UNITED States of America.  Divided, we fall.

3 thoughts on “Weapons of War

  1. Really Great Gift Ideas

    Darling Linda,
    This is a great commentary! Bravo!

    For many decades, my fellow flat-chested girls of the world, and I, have often
    been the subjects of ridicule and nasty comments, bordering on what also seems
    like hatred. So, I feel your pain, and know exactly what you mean. The media and
    even the supposed “news reporters,” have spun out of control will bad language,
    hateful slurs, and the like… it’s despicable.

    Keep up the great writing, Sweetie!

    P.S. I hope it doesn’t offend you for me to mention, that although I have AAAs,
    my erect nipples could also “take down a strong castle wall.”


  2. Oh, amen!

    A couple of months ago I read one new blogger’s comment: he was starting his blog to report daily on Trump’s terrible performance (my paraphrase.) I left a comment that he shouldn’t build his blog totally on what Trump is doing. For one thing there are thousands doing the same type of posts — and we’re not all disgruntled Yanks who want to follow this. For another, Trump will someday be gone and then he’ll have nothing to write about.

    That comment got me the most Likes of any that I’ve ever left on “First Friday.” I think a billion people the world over are tired of American politics. Trump was fairly elected; live with it. It’s not right for citizens to tear any duly elected leader apart like this.

    I often think of JFK and the respect there was for the Office of the President back in his day. The Press held off on muck-raking. Criticism of US involvement in Viet Nam wasn’t aimed at making Kennedy look like an idiot. But if he’d been the one elected last Nov he might be getting the same treatment as Trump. And who knows? The grandchildren of today’s gripers may someday say Trump was good for the US. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    Off my soap-box now. 🙂

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