Fear and Shame


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During World War II, this word referred to those who secretly or, sometimes, overtly worked with the Germans  who had invaded and taken over their countries. After the war, those who were accused of having collaborated with Germany were treated to haircuts that left them bald. This punishment was particularly shameful for the women.

There wasn’t much mercy for collaborators. Often, they were simply rounded up and shot.

So why did they do it, those who cooperated with Germany?  I’m sure their motives were widely divergent, but I suspect that one motive was their belief that Germany was going to prevail, and they wanted to be on the winning side when the war was over.

Another reason could have been that collaborators were often rewarded with food, which became more and more scarce as the war dragged on.  Women whose husband, fathers, or brothers were fighting, or who had died, were left to their own devices when it came to feeding their families.

We’ll never know what went through the minds of those who collaborated. They knew the dangers, and made their choices.

War often makes people do things they would never have done otherwise.


2 thoughts on “Fear and Shame

  1. When I saw this word that was the first thing that came to me mine, the collaborators from the second world war in France – strange how some words trigger the same reaction, must be an age thing growing up in the aftermath of the second world war.

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