More than a Fender-Bender

Friday Fictioneers:  The photo prompt, by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields:

The police called a tow truck for my crippled car.

They took me to the hospital. The impact damaged my pride more than it damaged my body, but they wanted to check me over.  I had a concussion and a bloody nose.  Nothing else.

The real injury, I feared, would be my husband’s wrath when he saw the damage to my brand new car.

He never let me see that, though. Instead, he just wrapped me up in his arms. I was pretty sure I felt him sobbing.

He denied it.

DISCLAIMER:  Because so many of you assumed this was a true story, or asked if it really happened, I hereby declare and proclaim that this is FICTION.  I promise.  It didn’t really happen.  At least, not to me 🙂


49 thoughts on “More than a Fender-Bender

      1. Okay, I just posted a disclaimer at the end of the story. I think I feel quite honored, though, that so many people wondered if this was real.

        Not. Not real. Cross my heart.

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  1. michael1148humphris

    My wife after reading this, now thinks that I am a hard man. I sobbed and in a gruff voice said, are you paying. Just kidding.


  2. A very good story, and I can see how people might see it as real…it is written that well! Such a loving hubby. My hubby did the same after I totaled a car that was only 20days old to us. It was the flatbed truck in front of me who failed to fix his brake lights that caused the freeway to be closed for six hours that day. It was a bad one.

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  3. I love it that he laid her fears to rest. He knows what really is important. Well written, and while it may be fiction for you, I’m confident that it’s actually happened many times over to others.

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