Don Quixote


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The word pursue doesn’t appear in the song that immediately came to mind: To Dream the Impossible Dream. Also known as The Quest, it’s from the Broadway musical Man of La Mancha. If you’re in my age group, you’ll remember the song very well.  It was immensely  popular in the mid-60’s and beyond, and has been sung by the era’s most popular artists.
The story is based on The Adventures of Don Quixote, who traveled the countryside looking for evil knights to conquer.  He was old, creaky, deaf, and nearly blind. Once he mistook windmills for soldiers, and had a rather fruitless battle from which, in his own mind, he emerged victorious.
So what’s the connection?  Don Quixote pursued his dreams.  He let nothing get in his way.  Although he never quite succeeded, he had a rollicking good time following his dream.  Everyone else thought he was nutty as a fruitcake, but he never let go of his dream.

8 thoughts on “Don Quixote

  1. I might have seemed a bit Donna Quixote myself in the past, but my passion isn’t what it used to be, nor is my sanity. You tell a girl she’s crazy enough, she’ll prove ya right.

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      1. mphadventuregirl

        I read the book last summer. My favorite song from the musical is “The Impossible Dream”. Man of La Mancha is one of the musicals that I love

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