Antidote for Bitterness


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“If you are an angry, critical, bitter young woman, then you’re going to be a miserable, lonely old woman unless you take steps right now to change.”


This statement, from a speaker named Marlene Evans, woke up a lot of people–including me. I didn’t want to be miserable and lonely.  No one does.

Mrs. Evans gave us the scripture we would need in order to deal with our anger, bitterness, and critical spirits.

What I’ve learned, in the years since then, is that change so foundational is a process, not an event.  Anger, even if it is justified, leads to a “poor me” attitude if the anger is not addressed and the offender is forgiven.  That “Poor me” attitude spirals down into bitterness, and it’s just a short trip from bitterness to depression.

Forgiveness is the only antidote I know for bitterness.  The longer we don’t forgive whoever has hurt us, the stronger the bitterness. And, ironically, the stronger the hold the other person has over our emotions.

If you don’t want to be bitter, learn to forgive.

I wrote about forgiveness on my other blog, starting with the post I’ve linked here and including several more. You’ll need to read up from the first post to get them all.

Believe me, the journey to learning forgiveness is hard, but so worthwhile.

How do you know if you’re bitter?  One of the biggest clues is that you can recall every detail of every offense, and you repeat them to everyone you know. If you do that, you’re bitter. You need to forgive and get on with life.

It’s a beautiful thing, forgiveness.  I’m so thankful that God has forgiven me!


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