Don’t Want No Grammar


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“I don’t want none!”

“You know better than that!  It’s ‘I don’t want any.’ “

“Yeah.  Well, I don’t want none, neither.”

Sigh. “You should say, ‘I don’t want any,’ not  ” ‘I  don’t want none.'”

“But I don’t want none!”

“I know, but when you say it that way, it really means that you DO want SOME.  It’s wrong to use a double negative. Two negatives make a positive, just like in multiplication.”


“Look, you know that when you multiply two negative numbers together, you’ll get a positive number.  Right?”

“You say.”

“You know I’m right. You’re really good at math.  Say you multiply -3 times -2, what will you get?”


“Right!  Now let’s say  don’t is your -2, and none is your -3. That’s what I mean by a double negative.  See?”

“Not yet.”

“Okay, so you’re saying you do NOT want NONE.  So that means you DO want SOME.”

“So you’re saying not and none are negatives, and they produce a positive.”

“Yes!  Yes!  That’s right! So now, when I offer you the okra, what do you say?”

“I want  NONE of that slimy junk.”


“Okay. That’s enough for today.  We’ll work on manners tomorrow. “


4 thoughts on “Don’t Want No Grammar

  1. sweethandlettering

    oooh! my father also corrects me in this way! I do not mind it though, it is meant well and he corrects me because he loves me and want me to be a smart young woman 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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