Learn by Doing


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Back in the Middle Ages, apprenticeship was the accepted way for a youngster to learn a trade that would carry him through his life, and which he would pass on to others who would become apprentices to him. If a lad was lucky, he’d find a master who would feed him well and not  mistreat him. If he worked hard and had some ability, he could enter a guild that would give him credibility and status.

It was actually a pretty good way, if not for the cruelty of the times, for a boy to learn to support himself and his family.


I have often thought, watching some students struggle with academics as they fidgeted in their desks, that it’s a better system for those who are good with their hands and would much rather be making something, building, fixing, creating, than wasting time in books and schoolrooms.

Learning to read is, of course, essential; so is basic math, and at least a working knowledge of how to learn other subjects.  I really like the present trend, after a student has reached 10th grade, to spend half days in traditional study and half days at a good vocational/technical school learning a trade that the student actually cares about.

Some kids just learn better by doing than by being lectured to.


3 thoughts on “Learn by Doing

  1. sweethandlettering

    definately agree that some people learn better by doing than by just reading. I do think society should do something regarding this. We shouldn’t force children into something they are not comfortable doing. I like your blog!

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