I’ve Had It!


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I immediately associated this  word with horses, and with being completely exhausted. Wondered which was correct, so of course I had to look it up.  Turns out they’re both correct.

From the 18th century, an old horse that was considered ready for the slaughterhouse was  knackered–used up, of no practical value.  The etymology is unclear, and hardly worth mentioning. In any case, it came to be a somewhat slangy expression of just being very tired.

I was knackered after our red-eye flight from Los Angeles.  I’m starting to feel a bit more normal now, but it took several days.

It’s not a word we hear very often. I’ve always thought it was interesting; maybe I just like the sound of it. Knackered. Like this poor dog.



9 thoughts on “I’ve Had It!

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      1. Cute. That word is a problem in teaching English. A scummy pond is a slough (slew) but shedding one’s skin, if one is a snake, is to slough (sluff). I wonder why we do this to ourselves 🙂


      2. If my ESL students got too sure of themselves, I’d write out this little rhyme and get them to read it: (Bwahaha)
        It’s rough enough through the slough
        though the boughs are falling down,
        but we ought to take thought
        and bring a plough to plow a trough
        wherein the water can be caught.

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