No Warmth, No Comfort


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On Monday night, we boarded a plane in Los Angeles that took off at 11 p.m.  It was a cheap flight. No comforts. Couldn’t even get water without buying a bottle.  So no pillows, no blankets, and very little room. The red-eye flight from hell.


It was comfortably warm when we left L.A. It was 53, rainy, and windy when we landed in Philly.  Thank goodness for heat in the car.  But the house was as cold as death, and I switched on my heated mattress pad to the highest level and crawled into bed.  Oh my, the delight of a warm bed and a big, puffy blanket on top.  I slept for four hours.

Blankets are a gift. So are heated mattress pads.


5 thoughts on “No Warmth, No Comfort

  1. Hi Linda, I’m so sorry about your lousy flight! We sometimes fly on a cheap airline but knowing how they operate, we buy our water and snacks in the terminal and wear hoodies and other outerwear because we don’t take a real suitcase, or it costs more. So it must be awful if you don’t know what to expect!

    We just returned on Saturday to the Poconos after spending the winter in Florida. To say there was a climate difference is an understatement. We have a wifi-connected thermostat, which I remembered when we were about 3 hours away. We’d had the cable, phone and internet suspended while away for over 5 months, and I’d called to have it reconnected the day before, but I wasn’t sure it would work without me doing something from home when we got back. But I opened the app on my iPhone, and lo and behold, I could see that the temp was 60, and I was able to raise it to 67, and checking it periodically I could see it going up. It was toasty, but I was very glad for my heated mattress pad, too! The gas fireplace needed a battery change for the remote to work, but it we brought a bunch with us so it was all good. Just seeing those flames warms you up.

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      1. Not that far from Philly. It is beautiful, or at least it will be when the leave come out. I hear robins chirping as I type, a sure sign spring has arrived! Are you in the City or a suburb?

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