Cloudy Eyes


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The eyes, say some people, are the windows to the soul. That’s quite poetic, and  I believe there is some truth to it.

I’ve never seen it myself, when a person dies and his eyes go opaque.  My sister described it as she watched my mother draw her last breaths. She watched as the eye dimmed and finally just–went out.  No life, no soul. Nothing reflected inward or outward, the eyes were now simply biological spheres that held no life.

The man in the picture below has an opaque eye clouded by a cataract.


I have noticed that as people reach advanced old age their eyes seem to recede somewhat, and become less expressive. I’m not sure why that happens.

What I find quite unsettling, though, is when a perfectly healthy person’s eyes reflect nothing at all. We call it a ‘flat affect’ in my line of work. The face shows no expression, no emotion, and even the eyes are flat. Opaque. There’s just no one home.

I love to look into the eyes of a baby. They are learning so much. The neurons in their brains are multiplying and whizzing around in there so fast that the baby can hardly keep up. So often, the expression in the eyes is full of emotion:  Joy, curiosity, serious study, sparkling  response. The child hasn’t learned yet to be cynical and distrustful.

Too bad that period can’t last a bit longer.


8 thoughts on “Cloudy Eyes

  1. Good article. I’ve noticed some people what I’ve always called “dead eyes” but never realized you counselors have a name for it. When they look at you it seems there’s no spark of interest, no animation. I’ve seen this often when their picture’s in the paper for having committed violent crimes. The conscience has moved out.

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  2. I know just what you mean, Linda! For a similar reason, I don’t like to interview someone who wears sunglasses because I feel I’m not getting enough information nbout their relatedness. By the way, on SUnday night, “60 Minutes” had a feature on the miracle eye surgeries being performed in the developing world. If you or your readers missed it, here’s a link to the story, and on the upper right of the page is a link to the actual video.
    Nice post!

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  3. I always say my husband’s eyes are dreamy. They are also quite unique. He has iritis/uveitis so his irises are not quite right. His pupils are different sizes and not in the center of his eyes. It’s hard to see in photos because his eyes are so brown, but you might have some sense by looking at his blog photo at The photo is based on one taken by Franz Kafka. Maybe a little scary to some, but he’s really an angel. Hubby is a slow-poke about posting his first post, but the first one will be coincidentally be about misreading a scene showing an old photographer under his focusing cloth.

    I have never seen a dead person’s eyes. I don’t look forward to such a viewing. I did see my beloved bird die in my husband’s hands not too long ago. We didn’t see his eyes. They were closed. But not just closed, but closed so tightly. Tighter than I’d ever seen them closed. It was eerie.

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  4. Interesting post. I understand what you mean about the vacant look and it is so true about the reaction you can see in a child’s eyes. Age does cause the eyes to lose some expression I never thought about them receding, but I can understand it..

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