Learning to Compromise


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I’m sure you’ve heard the old joke:

“Do you wake up cranky in the morning?”

“No, he gets himself up now that he’s retired and doesn’t need the alarm clock.”

I’ve written before about Terry being a morning Tigger, while I tend to be a morning Eeyore.  I just need some time for my brain and body to reconnect before I have to start talking or being cheerful.  Half an hour will usually do it, especially if I’m having coffee.

Crankiness is a state of mind.  I believe we choose it, just as we choose any other emotion.  I could put on a facade of cheerfulness, and sometimes I do.  No one should have to put up with a raging grouch in the morning–or any other time of day.


Big however coming up here:  Just as I respect Terry’s need  to have it quiet in the house because his hearing is deteriorating–he can’t hear me if there’s ambient noise– I believe he should be able to give me that half hour in the morning to get my systems in gear.

I love having music  playing.  All day.  Now that he’s retired and home most of the time, my CD player isn’t nearly as busy as it used to be. This is hard for me. He keeps telling me I can go ahead and play my music, but the minute I do he seems to need to talk, and I have to turn it off anyway.

This is not a hill I choose to die on.  Marriage is about accommodating each other and not insisting on having your own way. So he is learning to leave me alone for half an hour or so in the morning, and I’m learning to use my iPod Shuffle when I want my music.

Neither of us needs to be cranky.  There’s always a way to compromise.


5 thoughts on “Learning to Compromise

  1. The good kind of compromise. I have lived totally alone now for 8 years. I don’t have to put on any special face or mood in the morning to please anyone anymore. Like you, it takes me about 20 minutes or so to get fully awake and willing to participate in conversation. On the flip side, sometimes if I did not have conversation with myself or sing, my voice would still be raspy at noon!

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  2. Gahatto Edge Design

    I love reading your post and completely agree with you on this a good thirty minutes prior to starting your day is so helpful before the demands of work people asking for something etc. A good morning and 30 mins to woosah is good for the mind, body, and spirit

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