Full Moon Rising


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I have a fascination with the moon.  I know it’s just a big sphere of rock and sand, nothing magical about it.  Nothing, that is, until you realize that the light it gives, especially at full moon,  is a direct reflection from the sun. I’ve always found that rather amazing. I also wonder how anyone can deny the existence of a Master Designer when one contemplates how perfectly all the bodies of the universe work together.

So I love to watch a full moon rising, and I missed it on Tuesday.  I was determined to see it last night, so I checked the time it was scheduled to rise. It’s not cold out, so I was able to wait in the darkness of the back yard as this monthly spectacle unfolded.

Image result for full moon april 2017

At first, it seemed to be nothing more than the light from a house near the horizon, but then I realized that the light was growing and rounding, and I had my full moon. In its timely and dependable manner, the brilliant yellow-gold globe floated upward until it cleared the tree line, and it was getting late, and I needed to head for bed.

This time of year, it’s called a “pink moon.”  I wondered about that, so of course I researched it. The moon is not pink, much to my disappointment. It is really just a reference to the ubiquitous ground cover of pink phlox  that blooms in April. Okay, that will work.  I love phlox, and I love the moon.

I had a really good time last night, all by myself in the dark, waiting for the full moon to light my way back into the house.


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