Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


Here’s one of those words that make grammar students temporarily insane.  It’s kind of like less and fewer.  Less is for something you can’t count individually, like snow, sugar, or salt.  So this year we had less snow; we should learn to use less sugar and salt in our food.


Fewer is for things you can count individually:  Fewer people, fewer taxes (please God!) and fewer spelling errors.

Okay, so the same kind of rule applies to minimal and minimum.  

Minimum is for an absolute that can be counted:  Minimum pages for this assignment is two;  the lowest legal wage is the minimum wage.  Minimum  is used for countable nouns.

Minimal, on the other hand, is used for abstract nouns–that is, things you can’t see or count, like love, enjoyment, hope. It is used for the smallest  amount or degree in non-countable terms.

So the amount of energy I put into this post was minimal compared to other posts I’ve written.

Wasn’t that fun?

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