Subtle Changes


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Have you ever noticed that words come and go like fashion fads? You hear them a lot for a while, and then some other word comes along and replaces the old favorites. Some that come to mind are gauche, chez, and ambience. Right now, we’re hearing nuance quite a bit.  I’m just not sure we’re hearing it correctly used.

nuance is:

a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.
“the nuances of facial expression and body language”
There is an ad on TV right now for a computer dating service.  One satisfied customer says that he was looking for someone close to his own age who could “walk through the nuances” with him.
So, what nuances?  What subtle differences in, or shades of meaning, expression or sound? What exactly is he talking about?  Music?  Sports?  What?  I don’t know. I’m not sure he does, either.  I suspect that what he’s really trying to say is he wanted someone who would understand the history of his era, and the changes that have taken place.
A nuance is sometimes barely detectable.  Subtle, quiet, not creating a big stir. It’s like adding just  a little tiny bit of hot sauce to the chili, not the whole bottle. Some might detect it; others will not. They need a bigger dose of nuance 🙂

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