DRG Stimulation


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Terry is nervous.  He’s having a procedure done today to install a little gadget that is designed to help him control his pain using a remote control. Wires will extend from the device, placed near his spine, to his foot that was so badly injured four years ago. His pain has been chronic and disabling.

Image result for chronic pain

I have very high hopes that this will work. He, however, read all about the side effects. One of those is the remote possibility of his becoming a paraplegic.

I told him he’s not allowed.

Terry has a gift for seeing the worst possible outcome  being set aside specifically for his own use. I told him to stop it.

He wasn’t impressed.

So, am I a little nervous?  Well, of course I am. Any time they start fiddling around with the spinal column, there is endless possibility of disaster. For me, though, the other option–doing nothing–is just as bad. The pain saps his energy, and he needs to rest several times in the course of a day. This is  SO not who he has always been. The injury has aged him, affecting his whole body. He has terrible restless leg syndrome, for instance,  which of course robs him of sleep.

The procedure is called Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation.  You can read about it here if you’re interested.  And please say a prayer for Terry and the doctors. He checks in at noon.


P.S. We just got a call from the doctor’s office:  Procedure postponed until Monday. Dr. has a family emergency.

15 thoughts on “DRG Stimulation

  1. Linda, my thoughts are with you and Terry this morning as you prepare for his procedure. And thanks for explaining this intervention to us, your readers. I’m so glad there is something offering hope for this kind of pain.

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