Just Friends


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“Gram, tell me about how you and Grampa met.”  Elisa was curled up on the sofa next to Gram, watching her knitting needles fly.

“Well, we met at church, Honey.  Your Grampa was very shy, and he was new at the church.”

“But how did you get him to notice you?  Did you go up and introduce yourself?  Did you invite him to dinner?  How did you get his attention?”

“Back then, it was still thought improper for a girl to make the first move. I waited for him to approach me.”

“Wow!  That must have been hard!  I mean, what if some other girl got there first?”

“Elisa, love isn’t a contest. If a young man is truly interested in a girl, he won’t hesitate too long to approach her–even if he’s as shy as your Grampa was.”  Gram smiled, a faint pink blushing her cheeks.

“Gram!  I can’t believe you can still blush about it!  Anyway, you mean if a guy doesn’t, like, you know, make the first move?  That he isn’t really interested?  Isn’t it kind of hard to wait around?  And what if he never does?  A girl could end up single for life!”

“Better to be single than to marry wrong, Honey.”

“But guys just aren’t like that any more, Gram. They wait for the girl. . .”

“Oh, I can’t believe there aren’t still some well brought- up young men around. Believe me, if a man is interested, he’ll find a way to let you know.  And if he says he just wants to be friends, or just hang out, you’d best stop thinking about him in any other way.  He’s just using you for company until someone comes along that he really is attracted to.  I’ve seen it over and over, girls getting their hearts broken over some young man who isn’t interested in her as anything more than a buddy.”

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Elisa sighed. “Gram, there’s this guy in my English lit class. He sits right behind me, and yesterday he asked me if I’d like to go get some coffee after class.  Do you think he’s interested in me?  Or does he just want a buddy?”

“You won’t know that until you go get that coffee with him. If he asks you for something else, he may truly be interested. Do you like him?”

“Oh, for sure!  He’s polite, and nice-looking, and he has really great dark brown eyes. . .yeah, I like him.”

“Then let nature take its course, Dear. Don’t be in a rush. Enjoy, have fun, get to know each other. Go out in a group of friends and see how he treats other girls in that setting. If he has guy friends, that’s a good sign. If he has nothing but other girls for friends, you probably want to steer clear. Take my advice. You’re only 19, which I know seems like a vast old age to you right now. But I can tell you, you’re better off single than married to a man who doesn’t truly love  you. Love grows with time, Elisa.”



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