Coming to Life

Quicken–today’s one-word prompt


It’s a good word for this last day of February.  Already, because we’ve had some unseasonably warm weather this month, there is a sense that things are beginning to quicken–to come back to life.  There is no green yet, no daffodils or tulips, no forsythia or crocus  brightening the landscape.

It’s more of a feeling than an actual fact.

We haven’t had a hard winter.  We could still get some snow in March, which is a most unpredictable month. It can still be cold.  But the promise of consistent warmth, and the burgeoning colors of spring, is right around the corner.  If we do get snow this month, it will melt fast.

Some of the biggest snows in my memory here in Pennsylvania have come just before spring. I suppose that’s because the temperature, humidity, cold and warm fronts, all work just right to create the  buckets of snow that can dump on us here. It’s all good, because it only lasts a day or two, and it softens the earth to prepare the soil for the spring rains that contribute to the fairyland of flowering trees that bring joy to my eyes every year.


That’s one of the best things about winter.  It ends. It’s replaced by such beauty that you know every cold and blustery day was worth it.

8 thoughts on “Coming to Life

  1. handmadejewelryhaven

    I love that you appreciate winter. So many here complain about the heat, only to complain when the weather dips to 50 for a day!
    I love winter and everything about it.
    Of course…I’ve never actually had to live in it. 😉

    – Lisa

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