Don’t Worry!


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


I’m not sure why, but today’s one-word prompt took me to target shooting.  Maybe it’s because I can never hit the center of a target.

My eyes are goofy. I have one near-sighted eye, one far-sighted. If I hold my finger with what looks like dead center, and close my right eye, it seems my finger shifts a good two or three inches to the right. If I close my left eye, my finger moves a little tiny bit to the left, but not significantly. So when I’m aiming at something, if I want to hit the target I have to remember to close my left eye, or try to keep both eyes open. Still, I’m almost always going to hit left of where I’m aiming. There’s also something that goes on with my right arm. If I throw a ball, or a bowling ball, I have to aim it way to the right if I want it to hit dead center.


So the good news for you is that if I’m aiming right at you, I’ll probably miss.

On the other hand, if I’m NOT aiming right at you, there’s an outside chance I’ll  hit you 🙂

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