The Not-Snow

Photo Prompt for Friday Fictioneers:

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

“It’s odd that we’re having snow so early in the season,” Brigitta commented. “Hans, don’t you think it’s odd?”

“Brigitta, you need to take care of your chores and get away from the window.” Hans was gruff in his response. He’d been up at the camp all day performing his duties as a guard.

“It’s very odd snow, Hans. I’ve never seen anything like it.And what’s that awful smell?  Phew! It seems to come in the door with you.”

“Brigitta!  That’s enough! Mind your own business.Leave me alone. I’m tired.”


28 thoughts on “The Not-Snow

    1. Yes. History tells us that many of the people who lived in towns near the camps truly had no idea what went on there. Some probably chose to ignore it; others believed whatever lies they were fed. There is a photo of US soldiers herding a line of laughing, chatting townspeople up to one of the camps to help clean up. There’s another shot of them on the way back home. No more smiles, no more laughter. They became believers.

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    1. You’re not the first who didn’t get it right away. I’m old enough that it was all very real to me. WWII was my dad’s war, and I was born in 1947–one of the first of the Boomers–so it was as close to living history as you could get. I don’t think history is being taught these days the way I learned it. The Holocaust should always be taught for just exactly the horror that it was.


    1. While there were those who knew, I do believe there were many who truly didn’t understand the extent and the horror that took place in the camps. They were brainwashed, really, to just not ask questions. And some who knew, had no idea what to do about it.


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