Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt:



Two little boys were running through the underbrush along the river’s edge, with no particular destination. Just running, as boys will.

They stopped short when they saw the head. Someone had left it there; someone who had been smoking and drinking. Terrified, they thought it was real. A closer look showed that it was only  plastic, but their hearts still raced.

Then they glanced at each other, and the light of deviltry appeared in their eyes like a candle flame.

“Let’s go find the girls!” Glee filled their little heads. Fun times!

34 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Linda, I really loved this story. You’ve really manage to captured a beautiful truth here with such humour when the boys went to scare the girls.
    It reminds me of a funny incident. I’m Australian and I spent almost a year living in Heidelberg, Germany where I mixed with Americans in the army and Germans. A friend had a Tupperware container filled with Vegemite but it looked like chocolate sauce. So, a friend and I snuck it onto the sweets table. Well, this kids ate a whole teaspoon of Vegemite and you should’ve seen his face. But, what did he do? He went and got his sister who then scraped her choc-chip cookie through it and you should’ve seen his grin.
    No doubt these poor kids have been scarred for life and are still in therapy!
    xx Rowena

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