Night Noises


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Maisie was always hearing sounds in the night. Spooky sounds, unexplained sounds; sounds that made her want to hide under the covers,  afraid of what she couldn’t see.

There was a new sound tonight.  It was a sound like brittle branches scraping a window. It was terrifying. She had no tree close enough to touch her bedroom windows. Thoughts of every murder she’d ever heard of crowded into her mind, but then the sound stopped and her hears slowed to normal, and she drifted off to sleep. . . .until scratchscratchscratch, there it was again!

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After the fourth time this cycle happened, Maisie got mad. She wasn’t going to sleep a wink until she figured out what that noise was!  She threw off her blankets, pushed her feet into her slippers, and switched on her bedside light. Sitting perfectly still, she listened. Nothing. Not a sound.  No heavy breathing, no creaky boards, nothing.

But THERE!  There it was again, and it was right.There. In. Her. Room!

She rolled her eyes, took the offending piece of cellophane wrap out of her wastebasket and took it across the hall to the bathroom and left it in the trash there. Crinkly cellophane from the box of candy Josh had given her, all wadded up, and coming undone.

Good grief!


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