Not Leavin’!

Here’s the photo prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers :

mystery-chair-ted-strutzphoto@Ted Strutz

Not Leavin’!

“Nope!” declared Old Harry. “I’m not leavin’! They took my Β land and gave me pennies on the acre. They robbed me, and I’m not leavin’! They’ll flood my land for their idiot “recreational lake” over my dead body!”

Old Harry took a chair from his kitchen table, plopped it down in the path of the coming lake. sat down, folded his arms over his scrawny chest, set his jaw, and waited.

Twelve days later, the reservoir was opened. No one ever saw Harry again, but his chair was unmoved.












29 thoughts on “Not Leavin’!

    1. Well, they have a lot longer history over there for such things πŸ™‚ America can’t claim all the centuries that England can. I wonder if there are any empty chairs over there ?


      1. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

        As a Canadian living in the USA, I say not enough. I think stubbornness is a right of passage. I can see my grandfather doing this. And well I can see doing it too.

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  1. Poor naive Harry. As if he could win — one man on his own with a chair. I hope he didn’t have any dependents, as the life insurance company might not pay up. His actions could come under the umbrella of dangerous sports or suicide!
    Well written. I enjoyed that story, in a black comedy way.

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