What Makes You Tremble

One-word prompt for today:  Tremble


Now, here’s an interesting word!  So many different things can cause a person to tremble. To shiver, shake, have tremors,  even lose control of one’s muscles; sometimes the breathing is affected, the heart races, the palms become cold and clammy.

What makes us tremble?  Fear.  Excitement. A first-ever date. Nerves–performing, speaking, singing  for an audience.  Stress can make us tremble. I’ve seen students who are facing a test they’re worried about whose hands are trembling with nerves.

Trembling in fear is not a pleasant experience.  I don’t have many experiences of actually being so afraid that   I tremble.  I guess I’ve led a pretty protected life.  Some of my fellow counselors have mentioned clients who make them very nervous. I’ve never felt like that. I don’t tend to be afraid of people. It is more likely that I need to curb my irritation and my quick tongue when I have someone in my office who is trying to dominate the situation.

Having nervous trembles when I have to do something in front of people, and I don’t feel capable or prepared–that is something I understand.  Speaking to a crowd is easy for me, and I find it enjoyable and exhilarating. But it took me years to come to a place of singing or playing the piano without a shaky voice and shaky hands. I can do it now, and I remain calm. At some point along my lifeline, I just quit worrying about what anyone else may think.

Snakes can give me the shivers.  So can being up high, with no barrier between me and the long drop to the ground.  I hate that.

I know that evil exists in our world, and that there are people who commit evil acts with no concern for anyone else. I haven’t had to face that kind of evil on a personal level.  I read about it:  Nazi Germany, Aleppo, the killing fields of Cambodia, the political massacres in any number of places across the course of human history. Maybe that kind of evil will come to America.  No reason it shouldn’t.

I fear much more for my children and grandchildren than I do for myself.  The sand in my hourglass is much heavier on the bottom than it is on the top. I do, however, wonder what kind of world my precious grandchildren are going to inherit. Thinking on that too much can make me tremble for their future. The degree of lawlessness in our country is astonishing; it is especially frightening when the police have been told to stand down, to not interfere. I don’t understand that at all.

Isn’t it amazing how one little word can take us from the simple to the complicated?



15 thoughts on “What Makes You Tremble

  1. I would love to talk in front of a crowd without feeling nervous. I have been shy all my life, but not so much now . It depends on who and how many I’m talking to….but it’s taken me 70 years to get to this point. I like your description of the hourglass.

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  2. handmadejewelryhaven

    I remember applying to be a flight attendant for a major airline when I was in my early twenties. At the 3rd interview, you had to speak on stage to 200 other applicants. Talk about trembling!
    I totally froze.
    Today I think I would go up there and just tell a joke and make everyone laugh.
    Or tell a personal story and make everyone cry. Or maybe I would just cry!! LOL!
    When you get to be my age…not much makes you nervous anymore.

    Thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing!

    – Lisa

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  3. When I was younger and in company of other people my nerves would affect me so I’d sweat. Then, once all hot and sweaty, I’d become chilled — so chilled I actually shook like you do when you’re outside in the cold.

    I’m like you. I’d tremble to think of what my grandchildren will have to face. It’ll take a miracle to get through it — but God’s in the miracle business. As you’ve said, the history of man is full of woes, violence, oppression, persecution. Curiously enough, these things have made people — at least those who survived — stronger.

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