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I watched a video the other in which the speaker was showing the fallacy of thinking America can stop world poverty through bringing the poorest of the poor into our country. It was pretty impressive.
Fascinated at the pure and simple logic of this man’s presentation, I also thought about how overwhelming the abundance is here in America compared to so many other countries of the world.
We didn’t become this wealthy through socialistic, government-controlled use of our resources.  It was through capitalism, independence, and hard work.
Something to consider.

7 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Haven’t listened to the video yet, but will leave a general comment, for what it’s worth:

    I’ve been reading some bloggers lately arguing that America’s doors should be open to all, quoting the plaque on the Statue of Liberty. But my own limited logic tells me that, as fast as North America—and this includes us, too—is outsourcing production jobs to Asian countries, if the US keeps on accepting floods of refugees you may soon have the highest unemployed labor force in the world.

    Then when jobs are scarce, all these charitably minded Americans are going to start looking at newcomers and say, “You should go back where you came from. You’re taking our jobs.” It’s happened before. Or am I just a cynic?

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    1. No, you’re not a cynic. You’re sensible. All the pathos coming from uneducated liberals right now is purely aimed at Trump. Almost every President for the last 50 years has put some limits on immigration, including Clinton and Obama.


    2. As a side note: The Statue of Liberty was offered to America upon America gaining her independence from England. That’s what it was meant to commemorate. It was not an open invitation for every single person in the world to come here and walk on streets paved with gold.


      1. As long as the milk and honey are flowing, there”s no reason for folks to come and dig in, just as our ancestors did back when America was a producer. Trouble is, the milk and honey are being bought on credit now. The US is now a consumer nation with enormous trade deficits and national debt. How many more people can that situation support and for how long? And there’s the danger of terrorists slipping in.

        We think Trump, being a businessman, will try to deal with some of this debt and get the US back on track financially. Yet he’ll face opposition at every turn and anything he does —wise or unwise— will be publicly denounced. Seems to me the constant debate and polarization are as apt to break America as Trump’s political decisions. Wish I could be more upbeat, but I see a rough four years ahead for you all.

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  2. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help everyone in need? Well, it would, but not possible! We live in a great country, but help can only go so far. Other countries are far worse in accepting new people in and in this day and time, it is so dangerous to just open the “gates” and say…come on in! We would not do that with our homes and our country should not do that either. People have no problem saying ….we should let them in, but they do not have a solution as to how all of these people will get housing, food, jobs, and medical help. We can’t even provide all of that to the people that already live here! It is a very sad and complicated problem.

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    1. If we had always followed the immigration laws that have been in place for years, and quit making useless new ones, it wouldn’t be as bad a problem as it is. This didn’t happen overnight.


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