Where’s My Robot


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I don’t like to clean.  I never did.  Growing up, my sister and I cleaned house every Friday. That meant using the carpet sweeper (I’ll try to find a picture–many of you won’t know what that is), the dust mop, dust rags, and stuff to clean the bathroom. For us, that was usually Ajax cleanser. I did it because we were told to do it. Both mom and dad worked full time, so this was part of our contribution to lighten their load.

Image result for old-fashioned carpet sweeper

The carpet sweeper wasn’t electric. There were brushes in there that really did a good job of picking up most of the  stuff from the carpet.  There was a container that held the debris, and you flipped a tab underneath to empty the container into the garbage.

Of all housecleaning tasks, I disliked dusting more than anything else. Tedious, repetitive, endless. My mind goes numb just thinking about it. I remember asking my dad one time where all the dust came from. He pointed to where there was a sunbeam coming through the closed window. “See the dust in the sunbeam?  The air inside always has dust. Dust and dirt are everywhere.”  I spent some time thinking about that, not really understanding. Now I know, of course, that we track it inside when we’ve been outdoors; that the simple process of living stirs up dust, that it’s a fact of life that is inescapable. The only way to have a truly dust-free environment is to have one of those filter thingies that is constantly cleaning the air.

Now, I clean because I don’t want to have a dirty house. It doesn’t need to be done as often, since it’s just the two of us.  Four kids created a lot of mess and dirt. Terry’s pretty good at doing that, too, actually. He’s a Mr. Fix-it, and dirt just seems to be a part of the process.

Clean is good.  I just wish there was a robot I could afford that would create a clean house for me.


8 thoughts on “Where’s My Robot

  1. Good article. I’d like one, too. Mind you, I do enjoy cleaning — when I get to it. I’m just so mentally distracted (ADD? OCD? Blogger?) that it doesn’t happen near enough. Lately I’ve been housekeeping my blog & e-mail, trying to keep my Inbox cleaned up and delete past e-mails.

    I really like your new header pic. I changed mine last night, but it’s not seasonal except that one stays indoors and plays more games in Feb. I’ve resolved to chain myself to my sewing machine this month and whip up a new spring wardrobe. 🙂

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    1. Good for you! I enjoy sewing, but honestly, it’s less expensive for me to just shop the clearance racks. Of course that puts me a season or a year behind the newest fads, but that has never bothered me 🙂


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