Those Were the Days!

Photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers:



It’s so humiliating to be towed along behind these young whippersnapper machines that call themselves cars. Nothing but boxes, and they all look the same.

We had elegance, style, and pride in our appearance.  We  could go  twelve miles per hour!  We were amazing. People along the roadside would point and wave as we flew by.

Our owners were gorgeous, too! Large, shady hats that the ladies tied just under their ears, and dusters to cover their delicate summer gowns. The gentlemen wore dusters, too.

Those were the good old days!


35 thoughts on “Those Were the Days!

      1. Dale

        Oh yes! Gloves that went up past their elbows… then again those ones were part of the evening look. I have to recheck an episode to see what’s what!

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    1. Mike wrote a story much like mine. I reassured him that I wrote mine BEFORE I read his:)

      We have car shows here all during the spring and through the fall. Lots of classics on the road as well as being towed. It’s amazing what folks have done to restore these cars.

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      1. Somehow it’s recording that as your Home page.

        You and I have had our woes — is it that I’m too old for computers? I have been subscribed all along, but your posts stopped coming last week and now I see I wasn’t subscribed at all anymore. So i resubscribed and clinked on your link — and got the Jan 3rd post on Glen Campbell. Good thing you have the Recent Posts widget.

        And somehow in all the messing now, I wiped out the top (ruler) bars of my browser where I have all my “Go to” buttons. Grrr!

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      2. Last week I though I had installed a app on my computer; turns out I never did. Not a big deal, no loss, but aggravating just the same. I’m actually pretty comfortable with the computer, but every now and then something happens that leaves me sitting here saying, “What? What??”


  1. Sweet memories of an old car. There are benefits to having a roof over your head, though. I used to hate wearing a hat to church every Sunday when many churches didn’t make it mandatory. Now I kind of wish hats would come back. It seems England’s queen and the Royals never gave up on them. They can be expensive, though. It was so classy when Jackie Kennedy, finding herself without a hat fastened a glove to the top of her head. Good writing, Gran. 😀 — Suzanne

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