Counting the Days


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Ten days from now, I will go back to work.  It’s been four months. I used to look forward to the three-month summer break when I was teaching, but this was different.

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This was not really a vacation. The first couple of months were just pain. It got better as I remained inactive, but it was never gone. I had surgery two weeks ago, and I’m happy to say that the surgery seems to have done its job on the pain it targeted.

So now, after some recovery time and some time to regain some strength after being inactive for so long, I’m looking at going back.

I don’t know for sure how I feel about that.

I’m 69.  I should have my student loan paid off by June or July. The temptation to retire is very strong.

I missed my clients, though, and I do love my work.

I’m just tired. I discovered that it was pretty nice to be home all the time. As I continue to regain muscle and energy, there are so many tasks I would love to tackle here at home that I know won’t get done any time soon.

Ten days. Counting down to being back in the work force is a good thing. I have a job I enjoy. It is not just drudgery for me. I’ll be fine once I get under way.



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