Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


Their are other words that immediately come to mind with today’s prompt.

Devastation:  The Great Depression, dust storms, grasshoppers, drought, thirst, soup kitchens, hobos, joblessness, flour sack clothing, financial poverty. BUT:  strength of spirit, hope, perserverance, charity, a fighting spirit, victory!

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Devastation:  War, destruction, death, greed, hatred, guns, tanks, power,  rape, terror, flight.  BUT:  Determination, hope, human inventiveness, the Underground, never giving up, courage, overcoming, victory!.

Devastation:  Domestic violence, pain, fear, love gone wrong, evil, selfishness.  BUT:  a broken spirit that revives and heals, standing for righteousness, determination, seeking help, leaving the abuser, victory!

Devastation:  A country divided, hatred, slanderous words, immoral behavior, destruction of property, fear, violence, a sense of hopelessness.  BUT:  Steadfast hearts, love overcoming hatred, working across the aisle,  determination, compromise, seeking what is best for all, victory!


3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hi, My name is Constance Harris, i`m 46 years old holding on to hopes and dreams. Hope is all have,then there are times i feel i don`t have that any more. i feel stuck in a box and just put away. My life is just a hope with wishes. Life is not easy it is what you make out of life. So now hope is hope and dreams is dreams. But life is wonderful.

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