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Back when I was young and full of juice, I had the oversight of a lot of things. My little kids, my house; the grocery shopping, bill paying, and so on. I did some substitute teaching in those years, and enjoyed it. Later, when my own kids were grown enough that I felt good about doing so, I began to teach full time.

At that point, I had the oversight of my classroom, which changed every hour. All those young people under my eye for teaching, and for training in other ways as well. As time went by, I had the oversight of the yearbook, as well as the elementary music programs.

I was very busy in my church, too, always teaching. I was heavily involved in the music program, and women’s ministry. I loved it all. There was rarely a dull moment.

Fast forward. Not so full of juice these days.  In fact, since the first of October I haven’t had oversight of much of anything.And that’s okay with me.

Today, I get the staples pulled out of my incision. In two weeks, I’m finally going back to work.  I work only three days a week, which is just fine with me.

Image result for put out to pasture

I never thought it would happen, but I am content to not be in charge of everything. This is odd for me, after a lifetime of always having some kind of responsibility.  I’m not saying I’m ready to be put out to pasture, although that picture isn’t bad at all. I can still teach, and I suspect I’ll be doing that in some way for a few years yet.  I am, though, quite content with my life as it is.

The old grey mare, she ain’t what she used to be 🙂


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