Friday Fictioneers photo prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

photo prompt@dalerogerson

Panting, trembling, nearly blinded with sweat, they rushed down the stairs that would take them to the crypt. They had never experienced such darkness. One tiny light flickered, showing them the path.

Hand grasping sweaty hand, they entered the arched tunnel. They had nowhere else to go. Whatever waited for them at the end would spell life or death.

They heard no pursuit, and felt they might make it. Running, running,running.

The end of the tunnel. The opening before them widened. The crypt. Musty. Dark. Dank.

No light, and then. . .Floodlights!  Caught!

21 thoughts on “Running

  1. It’s interesting that of the stories written based on the photo prompt, so many (including my own) are so grim. There must be something about using a corridor to transition from one place to another that inspires this.

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    1. The narrow, arched corridor would seem to indicate a cathedral, wouldn’t it? So it wasn’t a giant step for me to take it back to WWII and stories of trying to escape the Nazis.


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