What You Can’t See


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Did you ever stop to consider the importance of so many things that we can’t see?  We know they’re out there, but we’ve never seen them. We’ve only seen the results of these things.

Air, for instance. Can’t see it, yet without it we’d be dead. We can detect differences in the air when it’s very humid, or very cold, or very windy.  We still can’t see air, but we see the results.

I spent my high school years in southern Minnesota, on the plains that provide farmers with wonderful soil and plenty of water. Rich, black earth. During plowing season, you could actually smell the earth.  There’s another unseen reality–smells. Can’t see them, but we know they’re there

Anyway, all farmers have a good weather eye. They learn to watch the sky, smell the  breeze (two things you can’t see–smells, breezes) and hurry up to get the hay in if they smell rain on the wind.

Farmer or not, you learned to watch the sky during tornado season.  There’s nothing quite like a Minnesota prairie sky just before a hailstorm  or a roaring tornado.  The roiling, boiling yellow-green clouds; the forks of lightning; the funnels that dip, recede, dip, recede as they hopscotch across the prairie. Sometimes they never touch the ground. Other times they charge across miles of prairie, crops, copses of trees, tearing up houses and barns and school buildings.  Terrifying and relentless.

You can’t see the things that are happening in the invisible air that result in these powerful storms, but you sure can see the results.

Other unseen things:  Faith. Hope. Love.  Can’t see them, but you can see their results, all around you, all the time. You just have to open your eyes.


One thought on “What You Can’t See

  1. Very good post! Thanks for the reminders. I’ve often marveled at, but never understood the workings of, radio waves that can carry transmissions — even blogs posts like this — across countries and continents. And how do they reach and return from satellites, where there is no light or air?

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