On the Plains



Trips from Minnesota to  Colorado were stitched together by endless miles of train tracks.

The only air conditioning was 4WD–four windows down. We wore scarves to keep our hair from blowing off our heads. We learned to endure the long wait of freight trains clattering across our path by counting cars. Often, the total was over 200.

Sometimes we could see the contents.  Coal. Grain. Hogs or cattle. The box cars, of course we could only guess at.

The engineers and the guys on the caboose always waved back at us. Must have been boring for them, too.

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24 thoughts on “On the Plains

  1. jellico84

    What a glimpse of the good old days. I remember counting cars. Grandpa used to warn us against it, saying that if you counted the cars, then that’s how many days you had left on the earth. Still, we’d count all but one car…being convinced that since we didn’t count them all we couldn’t be cursed, could we.

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  2. Dear Linda,

    I remember sitting and counting cars while we waited for the train to pass. I also remember 4WD air conditioning. Gasp! Those cars didn’t even have seat belts. How did we survive? I enjoyed your story.



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  3. Lynn Love

    Not boring at all Linda! I thought it was charming. I’d never heard the phrase 4WD, but I love it. You’ve captured the fascination that the young have with train rides – the anticipation, the novelty. Enjoyed it very much

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  4. Dale

    Sweet story and I cannot count the number of times I’ve counted cars! Living beside a train track, one hurried to cross at one point only to get caught at another!
    My kids still like 4WD at times…

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