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I hope I haven’t bored you all to tears by writing about my ancient back too much. When something claims so much time and attention, it’s just what comes out of my brain through my fingers 🙂

Today is one day post-surgery, so maybe you won’t have to hear about it so much. Yesterday, I had an amazing little procedure called a sacroiliac fusion. Took about 1 1/2 hours, and I was home three hours later.  Amazing. There is pain today, of course, from the incision, but already that nagging, aching, sometimes very sharp pain from the abused joint is gone.


Big however  here.  My diagnoses are such that I know there will be future pain across my lower back. That’s life.  I’m thankful for effective treatment that was not available to my mom, who had the same kind of pain.

So where does cling come into all this?

First, I cling to my faith in God and His goodness toward me. I went into surgery yesterday with no fear, only relief that my pain was going to be dealt with. He has been palpably by my side all through this long waiting period. I’ve probably done more personal chatting with the Lord this past three months than ever before in my whole life. I don’t intend to let that stop.

Second, I cling to my Bible.

Third, I cling to my patient, I’ll-do-whatever-it-takes husband, whose primary love language is acts of service.  If you’ve never read that book, you should.  Terry was up with me twice last night just to make sure I wouldn’t fall or otherwise injure the injury. He has brought me most of my meals for over three months now, and continued to do so this morning. During the five-day prep period, he laundered my bedding five times, helped me cleanse the surgical area six times; he’s done all the grocery shopping, cooking,  cleaning and laundry since early October.

And no, ladies, you can’t have him!

Fourth, I have a wonderful host of Christian family and friends who share my faith. I cling to their words of encouragement, knowing they’ve prayed for me, called, sent cards, just generally supported me during the long wait for this surgery.

If you need a lift today, count your blessings.


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