Chocolate Sin


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Any chocolate is good chocolate, but some are even better than good. Gina’s favorite chocolate candy had become Lindt’s Lindor truffles. A round, perfect ball of utter delight, they came in everything from milk chocolate to very dark, and even white. Those  white ones were maybe just a tad too sweet, not her favorites. The centers of the truffles could be so many different things:  More chocolate in a different texture, fruit-flavored, caramel, peppermint–the choices were endless.

Image result for lindt truffles

Gina, however, had realized that she couldn’t have them around any more.  She was just too tempted when she knew they were in her dresser drawer. She couldn’t leave them alone. She promise herself only one each day.  Then two, maybe three.  After all, three wasn’t so bad.

The day came, though, when the bag of sinful indulgence kept calling her name, and she ate maybe ten, maybe more.  She’d stopped counting.

She was sick the next day. Miserable and grouchy and sick to her stomach.

How could anything that tasted so good cause her to feel so awful?

 Enough of that.  No more bags of truffles in the house. Well, maybe just one more. They were having a super sale at the outlet, after all, and she was determined to eat just one each day . .  .


7 thoughts on “Chocolate Sin

  1. I’ve always believed “You can’t make a moderate drinker out of an alcoholic. He has to QUIT.” That applies to so many different vices.
    That said, I just love Lindt truffles — especially the white ones with cookie crunches in them. good thing we can’t afford them. 🙂

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