Let Me Count the Ways


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt


“I’m crossing you off my list.”

“You’re a double-crossing sidewinder!”

“Crossing the street against the light will get you in trouble.”

“You need to stop crossing your eyes.  One of these days they’re going to freeze that way.”

Image result for crossing one's eyes

“We were crossing the bridge when it collapsed.”

“I have great memories of crossing the Rocky Mountains.”

“I love watching a tight rope walker crossing from one point to another”

“Have you ever been to Washington Crossing State Park?”

“Have you seen the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware?”

“I saw a woman crossing herself.  I wonder if she’s a Catholic?”

“The rabbit went criss-crossing through the underbrush.”

That’s enough. My own eyes are crossing from all these different ways of using crossing! I’m sure there are lots more.



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