Christmas Program


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Last Sunday, the younger children in our church did a little Christmas program. Aside from just being too cute for words, the little tykes sang and rang their jingle bells with enthusiasm.  They were loud, and a couple of them were noticeable for their monotones.  Sometimes it takes a few years before a child’s ear hears the music well enough to reproduce it 🙂  But they were off-key with enthusiasm.  At the very end, they all shouted, “Merry Christmas”  with great energy.

Image result for little children in a Christmas program

(These are not our kids, but they could have been!)

The little girls were all dressed up in their Christmas best. The boys are so adorable at that age, because no matter how hard you try to tuck in shirts they just keep coming back out. Pants slip lower on their little hips.  There’s just not much to keep those pants in place. One little guy was wearing red suspenders, which he was constantly pulling and twisting as he sang. The rest of them just let their belly buttons wink at us, being not one bit inhibited.

They were happy.  Of course, they had an auditorium full of grinning adults looking back at them. They sang Away in a Manger with some hand motions, and they rocked their babies with great zeal. Would have made a real baby seasick.

What an utter delight they are, with their innocence and their desire still to please their parents. Our church really enjoys the children, and they all get fussed over by all the adults. They know they are loved.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Program

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  2. Oh my God Linda! This is such a cute post! It reminded me of Christmas celebrations at my school. I had studied in a convent school. So Christmas was an occasion that was celebrated with much fervour. Days before the christmas there would carols played during recess times. And on the celebration day before the vacation, we’d a girl dressed as Mother Mary, babe in the manger and entire birth story enacted. What a lovely time that used to be. And yes, we all used to dress in out Christmas best too!

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