Hurry Up and Wait


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As she sat in traffic, waiting for the  light to change, Laura thought about how often she’d gone through this intersection over the years.  Thousands of times.

At first, she had found it maddening. It was one of those tricky Pennsylvania intersections, a hub with five spokes. You had a to watch all directions at once, because people didn’t always follow protocol. On a typical workday morning, there were cars lined up as far as she could see. The cacophony of their horns fill the early morning air. Laura often felt sorry for the business owners all around this intersection who had to put up with irate drivers and the occasional fender-bender.

Image result for five-corners intersection, Gilbertsville, PA

The most maddening thing was that the light that allowed her to go directly across the intersection let only two, sometimes three cars through before it changed. Then you waited, and waited, and waited before you finally got the light again. Seemed the other four roads had priority, for some reason.

Today, she waited patiently. Getting all fussed up was no help. Bad for the blood pressure. Nearing her 70’s, Laura had finally learned to accept the delays in life  without  fighting them. No point. She turned up the volume on her Vivaldi CD and settled in for the wait.

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