A Little Whine, With or Without Cheese


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Here’s a conundrum for you:  Think of a person who is born from a gene pool that produces mostly overweight people as they reach their adult years.  This is true not only in the immediate family, but in the entire range of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Line them up and you have Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee repeated over and and over again.

Now make this person very short. Compounds the problem, because the shorter a person is, the less room there is for any extra weight.

Now, most of the folks in this extended family managed to stay within a normal weight range until their adult years, when lifestyles changed because of careers, pregnancies, and some health issues. A very small number of adults have managed to avoid the generational curse. Apparently their metabolism came from those who married into the family, not those who were born into it.

Now, take all these people to the doctor because they are developing heart disease, Type II Diabetes, high cholesterol–all the Syndrome X symptoms. The doctors who treat all these folks tell them, “You MUST lose weight!”

So they all start dieting.  Of course, most of them have been dieting off and on for years, which only increases their weight.  Yoyo dieting, they call it.  And most of them grew up when a good meal looked like this:

Image result for plates of pot roast, mashed potato dinner with pie on the side

Image result for pie and ice cream

Looks delicious, right?  But our poor gene-pool-impaired folks can’t have it any more.  Instead, they must eat this:

Image result for huge bowl of salad

Which is delicious as well, but frankly, one of these poor fat people has eaten yea, verily, mountains of salad, and still she is fat.  Huh. And besides, it’s just not pot roast, you know?

And there’s the conundrum. Forsake all the foods you love and eat nothing but clean, healthy stuff that is indeed tasty, but somewhat boring.  Oh dear.  I just envisioned a veritable flood of well-meant healthy, clean recipes coming my way.

Don’t.  I have books, pages, reams of them. They all boil down to pretty much the same thing. Fish or poultry seasoned nicely, veggies, salads, and fruit for dessert.  I know the drill.

There’s just one more thing to throw into the mix.  Make one of these thin-deprived people inactive for several months due to some very unpleasant back pain. Keep her on a diet  like I just described, but she can’t walk; she can’t swim for now; she can only rest.

Guess what?  She’s going to gain weight.  Yes, she is too!  Because her body likes being fat, no matter what her brain tells her, and now that she’s prohibited from moving, the fat cells are rejoicing and partying, and they’re gaining weight on lettuce!

Even my cardiologist sympathizes with me. He told me to just not worry about it for now.

Ominous words, “For now.”

Okay, I’m done.  Felt good to whine a little bit.


6 thoughts on “A Little Whine, With or Without Cheese

  1. I hold (and have held for YEARS) with the idea that during the holiday season, ‘healthy eating’ is off the radar. Why bother when someone is going to bring you frosted raisin bread (FRESH BAKED), and chocolate covered umf-fuffles, and candy and popcorn and chestnuts roasted on an open fire?? My sympathies with your health issues, but I’m with your doctor “Don’t worry about it.” Doctor will let you know when to start up again (if it’s necessary). And I think that gene pool (short, obese (or plump, chunky, what have you) is what most baby boomers in America got to drink from or be created from or something…I’m right there with ya. My brother (who I secretly HATE) got my father’s genes which are of the skinny, hollow leg, eat a cow and lose weight variety..me? I got the sturdy ‘pioneer stock’ (fatty fatty ect) of my mother’s family. >sigh< Happy Holidays!

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    1. I get it. Married a man who has always eaten all day long, and he’s skinny. Comes from a whole bevy of tall people with long bones. I figure, at least my kids have a 50/50 chance of NOT being trolls 🙂


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