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There’s a shop not too far from where I live called Bespoke Bacon. How intriguing.   I may have to go find that shop. They make bacon for  you according to your specifications.

Homemade Bacon

That’s what bespoke means:  Something that is custom made and not for sale to anyone but the person who ordered it.  A tailor, for instance, might display in his window a suit he has made, but it’s bespoken.  You can’t buy it.  Only the person who ordered can have it.

One of my sons makes yummy bacon.  He starts with pork belly, which is what you see above, and puts all different kinds of rubs and marinades on it, lets it soak, cures it.  It’s wonderful.  It’s not the paper-thin strips you buy pre-packaged at the grocery store. It’s a thick slice, and it smells and tastes heavenly.

Bespoke.  What an interesting word. Old-fashioned.  It makes me think of Shakespeare, or Dickens, or maybe Jane Austen.  I know there are a couple of centuries between Shakespeare and the others, but still.  Things were much more likely to be made to order back in their day.  Buying prepackaged food or clothing off the rack is a fairly modern practice.

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