A Christmas Truce


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Terry and I watched a movie last night. It was titled A Christmas Truce.  At first, I thought it would be about the time that soldiers on both sides of the killing fields began to sing Silent Night/Stille Nacht  and ended up calling a truce for the observance of Christmas. That wasn’t it, though. This was, I’m sure, an entirely fictional story, but very believable and touching.

Without going into detail, it was the story of how some people on both sides ended up helping each other.  It was a story of victory and a happy ending.  War, of course, doesn’t always end that way, but sometimes the people who are out there in the trenches put aside the desires of the men sitting behind the safety of their desks and find a way to show kindness and even to give the gift of life to their “enemies.”  Such was the story last night.

It made me think about how many people were able to flee from Germany before it became impossible to leave.  Also, I thought about the efforts of so many to protect Jews, to hide them and keep them safe for the duration of the war. I thought about the heroic people who risked their own lives, were sometimes imprisoned, tortured or killed for the sake of the people they were trying to help.

I wondered what could happen in America with the present anger, bitterness, demands for recounts, accusations and counter-accusations. Could all this possibly rise to the level of war?  For some, I believe it could, and the idea of that is chilling. There is no place for us to go. We are (were?) the last bastion of hope and freedom in the world, and many thousands of refugees from WWI and WWII came to rest here.  There is nowhere else for us to run to.

Well, that direction of thinking is not very productive or uplifting, is it?  I guess we shouldn’t borrow trouble from tomorrow. We need to learn to resolve our differences without resorting to killing each other.




5 thoughts on “A Christmas Truce

    1. It’s an interesting thought, but most of the soldiers I know personally are more than happy to lay down their arms and get out of harm’s way. I’m sure there are others who live to fight. Sadly, we’re always going to need warriors.


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