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Around this time of year, I find myself missing a lot of people. My father, mother, brother, and nephew who have all gone home to heaven.  Other relatives that are far away, including my three sons and their families. They’re spread from South Dakota to California to Germany. Last year, almost everyone got to be home for Christmas.  That was wonderful.

We attended a church for a very long time that has had a complete change over the last few years.  Many people who were lifelong friends have left not only the church, but the state.  Many of them have moved South to warmer climates and lower taxes.  I miss them.

One could become quite maudlin when life, in its natural course, populates and depopulates one’s landscape.  I’ve found it far better to cherish the relationships; to enjoy the memories; to stay in touch whenever possible, and the internet certainly aids that; and to continue to cultivate new friendships along the way.

I’ve loved this old saying for many years:  Make new friends, and keep the old; one is silver, and the other is gold.

After all, without people, life would be dreary indeed. Barren.  I am thankful for all the people who have populated my life’s landscape for 69 years.

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